Calvary Chapel
of the Canyons

The Prepared L.I.F.E. Church (Rev. 3:7-13)

"The light shines in the darkness,
and the darkness has not overcome it."
John 1:5

About the Author

Pastor Larry DiSimone has been the pastor of Calvary Chapel of the Canyons in Silverado Canyon, California, since December of 1995. Prior to his service in Silverado, he had been blessed with varying ministry opportunities both in California and abroad.

In addition to completing the Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa School of Ministry, he has earned a Masters Degree in Leadership, and is a Fellow of the International Christian Apologetics Academy in Strasbourg, France. He has spent several years in England involved with a broad spectrum of ministries, and was involved in College Ministries back home, and taught the Bible Survey class at Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa for four and a half years. Pastor Larry is also a Holistic Health Practitioner and conducts a private health practice and Biblical health education ministry called “Whole Life Ministries.”

Pastor Larry has led several Bible study tours in Israel, and has had several speaking engagements at various Messianic assemblies there. The Lord has used Calvary Chapel of the Canyons in a great way throughout Israel, using both spiritual and practical means to bless the body of believers throughout the land.

It has been through his experience in training believers to grow in their relationship with Christ, that Pastor Larry has been led to write a three-part series specifically for teaching believers to grow in their faith and then to “go and make disciples.” This book is the third of that series.

What Pastors are Saying

"Making Disciples not only challenges believers to love the Lord with all their heart, soul, mind and strength, but also leads to a beautiful understanding of the grace of God and the power of His Spirit. New believers and even grizzled veterans of the Christian race will be blessed with practical, biblically solid insights into a daily, consistent experience of God's love and truth."
- Pastor Scott Richards, Calvary Christian Fellowship of Tuscon, AZ

"I can't thank you enough for your labor of love with the discipleship workbooks. They have solid, practical theologies and plenty of room for discussion and additional teachings."
- Pastor Gary Ansdell, Hosanna Chapel, Bellflower, CA

" Like most pastors, we know disciplining is crucial to the obedience to the scriptures and the health of our fellowships. But having material that the laity can understand and even use to disciple other is hard to find. This study is both deep and provocative yet simple in its steps and layout. I have taken many through these books and have seen the glorious fruit. They are biblicaly sound and currently relevant... I like using it! You will too."
- Pastor Walter Tipton, Calvary Chapel of Molokai

"The straight forward command from our Lord is to "make disciples". Pastor larry DiSimone gives us an important resource that churches can use to help us in our obedience to make disciples for Christ. "Making Disciples" has been a tremendous blessings for our church in training up believers to be strong in their faith. It will help churches in raising up future leaders and certainly will equip the saints for the work of the ministry. I highly recommend "Making Disciples" for the spiritual health of any congregation."
- Pastor Jeff Figgs, Calvary Chapel of Greeley, CO

"Filling our auditoriums does not prove success in ministry. The disciples we grow, not the number of people who sign on the dotted line professing salvation reveal the fruit of the ministry. Too often we get sidetracked into pursuing the secondary rather than the primary. Jesus gave marching orders "to make disciples." (Matt. 28:18-20) The Commander's thing must be the big thing in ministry. The disciple-maker continually watches for tools to help in the discipline process. Larry DiSimone gives us a great tool to help accomplish our objective. Making Disciples walks the believer through the basics of the Christian life. The simplicity of the format makes it usuable for anyone desiring to help establish other sin the faith."
- Carl Westerlund, Director, School of Ministry Calvary Chapel of Costa Mesa, CA

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Making Disciples: A Three Part Workbook

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Making Disciples

What was it that turned the world upside down in the 1st century? How did the first disciples of Jesus live such profound lives that would permanently change history?

The answer to these questions is that they were genuine disciples of Jesus. They understood what it was to be a dedicated learner of their Master – a disciple – and the result changed them from ordinary people to extraordinary people who were filled with the presence of God in their life, spreading God's Word wherever they went...

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Three Workbooks

Each of the three workbooks contains ten sessions, covering different topics of Christianity.

Making Disciples, Part 1 ~ Equipping Series
Making Disciples, Part 2 ~ Building Series
Making Disciples, Part 3 ~ Maturing Series

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One Life at a Time

It is exciting what the Lord is doing globally and a privilege to be a part of what God is doing in changing lives all over the world.

It is our goal to go global for God one life at a time. The pattern of reaching every heart on earth is found in Acts 1:8...

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