What happens after death? Are you tired of feeling hopeless? Want to know God personally?

Video Messages

Knowing God 0:04:43
You Are Accepted 0:01:41
God Forgives 0:05:04
The Image Of God The Father 0:02:32
Your Heavenly Father 0:01:16
Dying To Self 0:01:07
God In The Man 0:01:59
Give Jesus The Right 0:01:43
Know Your Weakness 0:00:59
Because Of The Death Of His Son 0:02:11
Jesus In You 0:03:18
The Born Again Experience 0:03:47
Fishers Of Men 0:03:31
How To Share The Gospel 0:02:45
The Great Commission 0:02:25
Share The Good News 0:02:57
Not WWJD but Jesus in you living through you! 0:02:29
Focus On The Glory Of The Lord 0:02:06
Thank You Lord 0:02:06
The Sacrifice Of Praise 0:02:02
The Cure For Loneliness 0:06:08
America In Decline 0:02:03
Transition 0:04:28
Cure for a Guilty Conscience 0:07:31
The Red Heifer 0:02:02
Redemption 0:02:15
Jesus is Here 0:05:26
A Guilty Conscience 0:08:06
The Mosaic Covenant 0:03:07
God’s Contract With Israel 0:04:55
The High Priest 0:06:06
The New Covenant 0:04:03
Learning And Growing 0:02:30
Lack Of Biblical Knowledge 0:02:04
Baby Christians 0:05:41
Don’t Be A Backslider 0:04:50
Growing Up In Christ 0:01:36
The Faith Of Your Children 0:01:37
Your Prayers Matter 0:03:17
Encouragement For Fathers 0:03:25
We Shall Serve The Lord 0:03:25
Fathers 0:03:18
God's House 0:01:58
The Will of God 0:03:08
In Everything Give Thanks 0:01:05
Pray Without Ceasing 0:01:05
A Rejoicing Attitude 0:03:20
Be At Peace With Each Other 0:03:20
God Living Through You 0:02:54
The Faithful Witness 0:03:08
The Teaching of Jesus 0:03:11
Jesus Is The Light Of The World 0:01:01
God Loves You 0:05:24
The Christian Life 0:03:04
The Power Of Jesus Is Within You 0:01:12

5 Alive - 5 minute audio messages

Jesus Lives in You
Our Helper
Jesus Is Alive
Prayer Is Our Greatest Strength
Worship Him
His Cross Your Gain
The Great Tribulation
Deceiving Spirits
The Muslim Jesus
The Evidence of Prophecy
Hope Through Christ
Bearing Fruit
Activate Your Faith
The Significance Of Israel
Why God Gave Us Prophecy
Religious People Need God
Remodeling Jobs
The Body
Light in the Darkness
Brain Renovation
Discovering the Will of God
Brain Renovation
Discovering the Will of God
Faith That Comes Alive
A Strong Christian
Unbreakable Love
The Struggle With Sin
The Priority Of Worship
The Power Of Prayer And Fasting
God Hears You
Amazing Grace
Benefits Of The Bible
How To Receive God's Blessings

The Holy Spirit Series
Influence Of The Holy Spirit
Transforming Work Of The Holy Spirit
The Power Of The Holy Spirit

How to Know God

Thank you for visiting this most important section of our website.

Knowing the true and the living God, and choosing to commit your life to Him, is the most important decision you can make in this lifetime. It is not by accident that you have come to this page, for your eternity rests on the choice every person must make concerning Jesus Christ. It is my desire that, as you read the steps below, you will come to a personal, meaningful relationship with God, and that you will invite His Son, Jesus Christ, into your life as your Lord and Savior. If you are open-minded and honest, deep down inside there is a lack of purpose, a sense of loneliness or emptiness, or perhaps even an abiding guilt that you cannot shake. You may have tried to rid yourself of these things through a number of methods, activities or just by ignoring them, but find that you end up right where you started. I pray that as you read you will experience the joy, fulfillment and the freedom of knowing Jesus, and that you will receive His offer of forgiveness. We were created to have this relationship with God, and anything we try to use as a substitute will never be able to replace it.

Larry DiSimone
Pastor, Calvary Chapel of the Canyons

The Prepared L.I.F.E.

 The Purpose of the Church is to help believers in Jesus develop a strong, vibrant and productive relationship with Jesus. Therefore, we seek to become the Prepared LIFE Christian—to the glory of God.

 “God has given us eternal LIFE, and this LIFE is in His Son. He who has the Son has LIFE…” (1 John 5:11-12)

Prepared for the soon return of Christ.
Loved by God
Intelligent about Jesus Christ
Forgiven through Jesus Christ
Empowered by the Holy Spirit to Make Disciples of all nations