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Kid's Ministry

Sunday Morning Kid's Ministry

Our Mission (what we do):
1. Provide parents an opportunity to learn about God from the Bible with undivided attention.

2. Teach the Bible to Children on their level.
3. Supporting parents to teach their kids about the Lord by being an example, praying and reading the Bible together.

Our Vision (why we do it):
To support each child to become
"Prepared for L.I.F.E."

"Jesus in you, living through you"

"Preparing kids to know God's Love, to be Intelligent about Jesus, Faithful to Jesus,
and Empowered by the Holy Spirit to make Him known in their home, school, church and life!"

But Jesus called them to Him and said, 'Let the little children come to Me, and do not forbid them; for of such is the kingdom of God.'' Luke 18:16

We count it a real privilege to shepherd the little children, laying a foundation for them in the Lord, planting God’s Word into their hearts and watching them grow.


We use Gospel Light and Standard Bible curriculum with age-appropriate lessons to teach the children.  All classes begin with worship, followed by prayer requests and prayer, and a study in God’s Word. The remainder of the class time is used for crafts or games that reinforce the lesson studied.

Training is provided for all teachers, and each teacher is approved after filling out an application and obtaining a background screening and references. Whenever possible we strive to have a man and a women in each classroom as a role model.

Children’s Church begins at 10 a.m. Teachers are in the classrooms at 9:45.

Classroom Designations:

The Nursery is in the Chapel next to our book table area at the lobby entrance of the church.

Pre-K meet in the "Seedling Room" - Room #1.
K thru 2nd graders meet in the "Garden Room" - Room #2.
3rd thru 6th graders meet in the "Orchard Room" - Room #3.

A welcome message from the Children’s Ministry Volunteers:

Childrens Ministry Coordinator:  Danny Ater

FIRST        Sunday of each month is led by:     Teachers: 
SECOND   Sunday of each month is led by:     Teacher:  Vonda Budin
THIRD       Sunday of each month is led by:      Teachers: Iina Makkonen
FOURTH   Sunday of each month is led by:     Teacher: Teri Shea

Our Children's Ministry Leaders

Children’s Ministry Coordinator- Danny

Children’s Ministry Teacher - Teri

Children’s Ministry Teacher- Iina

consider it a privilege to support you in training up and teaching your children in the ways of the Lord. Our desire is that this ministry will Prepare each child's L.I.F.E. for God's glory one verse at a time and that their love for the Lord and their knowledge of Him will grow and their desire to serve Him will increase. If you have any questions or concerns you are welcome to come before or after the service and talk with us. Thank you for the blessing of serving the needs of your children while you are learning God's Word in the Church meeting."